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I have been doing design and development for over 15 years. With a background in fine art, I appreciate the beauty of a clean design. It has been my privilege to work with many great companies such as Red Bull, Intel, and Cambia Health. I have also had the opportunity to work with several exciting startups.

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Adam is one of the most talented designers I've worked with. His skill in translating his design visions to code, business requirements, or digital / print assets has been incredibly valuable to our team.

He has a keen eye for interaction flow and for creating beautiful, elegant websites. I completely trust his design choices.

Pair programming with him is a joy, and whenever I am working on a project that needs design support, he is able to provide incisive, thoughtful feedback, often seeing the root of the design problem instantaneously and then offering a beautiful solution.

Beyond his technical and design skills, Adam brings so much levity, humor, and joy to our office and team. He takes the time to get to know the people he works with, and he significantly contributes to the invaluable feeling of belonging in our team.

Anyone looking for a designer with significant web and usability knowledge would be lucky to have Adam on their team.

Phillip Sauerbeck Senior Front-End Web Developer and UX Designer
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Adam is a skilled front-end engineer who is able to bring excellent user experiences to life with good, clean code. He is a natural, intuitive designer who can quickly grasp and explain the impact of design decisions on different audiences and platforms. When it comes to producing code, Adam is fast, efficient and responsive to the needs of his stakeholders... not to mention always fun to work with. I highly recommend Adam and hope to work with him on many projects in the future.

David Stocker Software Engineering Manager at Cambia Health Solutions
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Adam’s work ethic, positive attitude, and strong front-end skills make him an asset to any team. With his background in visual design, Adam is one of the few people I’ve worked with who can effectively bridge the visual design, UX, and development worlds. On the SpendWell team he has been the front-end design leader and is someone who is well respected by the whole team. His opinion is sought after for key decisions. He is a strategic thinker and strong communicator. I have very much enjoyed working closely with Adam.

Luke Dressel User experience (UX) designer and researcher
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Adam consistently has his eye several steps ahead in project work, assessing potential roadblocks to getting web sites built accurately and on time. He draws on his knowledge of design and coding to inform stakeholders how requested features will affect schedule and projects competing for development resources. It's clear that he values strong relationships with colleagues, customers and stakeholders, and his positive collaborative attitude makes it easy to work with him.

M. Amanda Clark, PMP, PhD Technical Program Manager at Intel Corporation
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Adam is a dedicated, diligent, and detail-oriented coworker. He doesn't stop when the job is done; he keeps going until the job is done *perfectly*. His technical skills are matched only by his eye for design and color. Web development and design are not just a job for Adam, they're a passion to which he devotes time even when he's not at work.

Adam is upbeat, energetic, funny, and friendly. His positivity spreads to the rest of the team and lifts everyone's mood on even the dreary jobs. It's been a sincere pleasure working with him.

Joe Gores Senior Software Engineer at InVisionApp Inc
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